Comments in Zoomerang

In Zoomerang, you have an option to comment on your favorite tutorials and communicate with other users.

There are a few features concerning the comments, here they are:

Parental control
If you wish to disable all of the comments shared in Zoomerang (from other users' profiles too) you can enable the parental control which will close the access to all the comments in the app including yours.

Go to the Settings and press on Privacy and Safety and tap on the Parental Control
You can enable it by setting a 6 digit code
Note: please try to memorize the code as you will need it if you ever wish to disable the option

Comment Privacy
In order to make the video for individual audience you can press on the comment privacy option. Here are the options:
Everyone | Friends | Only me

Enable/Disable comments for individual tutorials
You can enable or disable the comments on specific tutorials:

Open the corresponding tutorial and press on the three dots above it
If the the comments are disabled you will need to press on Enable comments

We have doubled our security by implementing a special algorithm to filter inappropriate comments. However, report inappropriate comments like this:

Press on the comment and wait a bit till a menu appears
Tap on Report and select the reason of reporting it (more information about that here)
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