Creating an account in Zoomerang

In Zoomerang, you can have an account and share interesting tutorials, gain a bunch of followers, shoots and likes.

Please note that the posting option is created with the logic to share only tutorials not videos.

Here are the steps to create an account in Zoomerang:

Press on the small "Account" icon at the bottom right corner

You will see a "Sign up" button on the top of the screen

After pressing that button, you will see multiple ways to create your account:

Phone or email - using email address or phone number
Facebook - connecting your Facebook account
Google - using your Gmail account
Note: you will need to be signed in to it from inside you device
Apple - using Apple ID to avoid providing email or phone number
Note: the Apple signup option is only available for iOS users.
TikTok - using the TikTok account (works like the Facebook signup)

Once you select any of the options you will be required to proceed with the authorization steps, like writing digit codes for the phone number, confirming the email address, accepting the Facebook/TikTok connecting action and linking to your Apple ID

When those steps are completed, you can start creating tutorials and sharing them with the Zoomerang users and your followers, so that they can create stunning videos by completing all the steps that you have set

You can check the article How to edit your profile for more info

Congratulations on your new account!
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