Creating Tutorials (Templates) in Zoomerang

You can make creative and interactive tutorials (templates) if you want to help other users make videos, while gaining a bunch of likes and followers in Zoomerang.

Here is how to do that:

Choose a project from the editor page or start a new one by pressing "Create Tutorial"

Choose the desired video from your gallery for the sound, crop it if needed and press "Next"
Note: You can choose the sequence of your video if you have an iOS device.

Here, you can add items and make edits you would like to have on your future tutorial with the following tools:

Text Stickers | Effect | Filter | Overlays | Music | Adjust | Format | Canvas

Press on the "Camera" icon on the top right side of your screen to test the elements before shooting

Press on "Next" then "Post" and set the timer by tapping on the "Timer" button on the top right side
Note: tapping on the "Timer" twice will set it to 10 seconds

Press on the "Circle" icon on the bottom of your screen when you are ready and shoot your tutorial

Once you are done shooting, you will see another page where you can add finishing touches

With the "Materials" button you can reshoot parts of the tutorial. In order to do so you can just click the small pencil icon on the part that you would like to reshoot and start shooting again

If you would like to make changes in the text, you can do so by selecting the "Texts" button, clicking on the text and editing. You can change the textbox color, visibility, font, size and the alignments

When you are done making changes, go on and click the "Next" button on the top right

Your tutorial is ready! Here is how you can share it:

Set the #hashtag of your tutorial and write a small description

Decide who can see your tutorial by choosing one of these options:

Public | Friends | Private

Tap on the "Switch" button and enable/disable saving the tutorial to your device

At the bottom of your page you will see these 2 options:

Draft - the tutorial will be saved to your drafts and seen only by you
Post - you will share the tutorial on your account

You are all set!

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