Privacy and Safety

You can always manage who can follow you and/or see your content.

In this article you will see the steps on how to activate the Private mode.

Please, press on the "Account" icon at the bottom

Then, press on the button with "···" on the top right corner of the screen

Now, you are in the "Settings" section, please scroll down until you see "Privacy and safety" option

After, you will see these options:

Private account- If this option is "On" users can't follow you without your permission and vice versa
Private likes - manage the "Likes" section on your account page. If this is turned "On" the users can see the tutorials that you have likes, otherwise (if it is "Off" they won't be able to see them)
Parental control - when it is turned on you will not see the comments in the entire app. More on this here.
Comment Privacy - manage who can see your comments. The options are: Everyone | Friends | Only me
Blocked Users - in this section you can find the users you have blocked

You can also change the privacy of a certain tutorial after posting it. Just press on the three dots and select "Change Privacy" option.
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