Resetting the password

If you have forgotten your password and would like to log back in, you can easily reset it through email.
Note: this option only works if you have signed up with the email option, used a valid email address and have access to it on your device

Here is how you can do that:

Go to the "Log in" page, click the first "Use phone or email" option

Enter the email you used to create the account

Click the "Get help signing in" button

After you follow these steps, you will get an email to reset the password

The email will include a link which leads to page where you can create a new password
Note: make sure that the password you choose has 8+ digits, includes numbers and doesn't include symbols, otherwise it will not work when you try to log in

Once you have created the new password, go to the "Log in" page again and log back in

You're all set, welcome back to your account!
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