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Account Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Safety

Go to Profile

Tap ··· at the top then Settings

Press Privacy and safety

You will see these options:

Private account - only users whom you approve can follow you
Private likes - when enabled only you can see your liked templates
Parental control - set up a six digit code to disable all the comments shown in the app
Note: make sure to remember the code as it will be needed when disabling the Parental Control
Comment Privacy - you can choose who can comment on your templates
Blocked Users - you will find the list of the users you blocked and can unblock them whenever you wish

You will need to tap Safety button if you wish to:
Deactivate Profile - more about this here.
Delete Profile - more about this here.
Note: you can't bring the account back if it was deleted

To learn more about the Terms & Privacy, press Terms of Use button

You can also change the privacy of a certain template after posting it. Just tap ··· and select Change Privacy option.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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