Editing the profile

After creating a profile you can add information that you wish to be shown to the users.

Here are all the steps:

Press on the account icon at the bottom of the main page then on the "Edit" button under your profile photo

You will firstly see these options:

A link to your profile -You can press on the copy button and send it to your friends
Note: this option is only available for IOS devices.
Change photo - you can press on the pencil icon to be able to change the avatar of yours
Name - here you can write your name so that the users will recognize you
Username - this will be the name with which you will be presented in Zoomerang
Bio - here you are free to improvise, let others know a little about yourself

Then, you will see these options with which you can add your profiles of other social platforms. This way your followers can simply tap on them and visit your accounts of:

TikTok | Instagram | Snapchat | YouTube

Press on the icons, write the usernames of your corresponding profiles and save the changes

You are all set, thank you for sharing your information with us.
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