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How to create a video from a template

Making videos from Zoomerang templates

You can find an incredibly wide range of tutorials that will help you with creating stunning videos with a bunch of effects, filters, transitions and other features.

Here are the steps of shooting a video from a template:

Press on the Templates icon on bottom left corner of the main page

Look for a template with the Search button or choose one from these sections:

Tap on the tutorial you like and press "Shoot with tutorial"

Now, you can press on the Timer on the top left side in case you need and start shooting
Note: tapping on the "Timer" twice will set it to 10 seconds

Press on the "Circle" icon on the bottom of your screen when you are ready and shoot your video

All done! Now you can either save the video to your device or send it to your friends and share to different social media platforms such as:

TikTok | Instagram | Youtube | Snapchat | Likee | Etc.

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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