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How to use Text to Video AI Tool on the App

Using Text to Video

Now you can generate videos with only a few words!

Open Zoomerang app, and tap Home located in the bottom left corner

Press the Gen AI Studio section, and tap Text to Video

In the blank, briefly describe what you want to generate

To replace the existing face with yours, tap the upload button near Reference Face and choose the preferred photo from your gallery

Next, select Parameters to choose the Camera Movement, Duration, and Steps of your future video, and tap Done

Select a preferred Style from the available options, then press Generate

Once the result is ready, you can select either to save it on your device or share on other Social Media platforms

To edit your video, press the pencil icon in the top right corner

Note: Tap Generate caption button to create a perfect caption for your project
Note: The result of the video (when using your own prompts) solely depend on what you write, so be clear and precise as much as possible

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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