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How to use Photo AI Tool on the App

Using Photo AI

Transform your images into incredible works of art using the Photo AI Tool

Open Zoomerang app, and tap Home located in the bottom left corner

Press the Gen AI Studio section, then choose Photo AI

Choose the photo, then zoom in/out or select one of the suggested dimensions

Tap Flip icon if you wish to flip over the photo, and tap Next

You may check available Parameters to apply the desired conditions to your photo

Select Keep Original Face checkbox to preserve the original looks

Now please select either already predefined Style or write your own prompts by tapping the Custom button

Currently, available styles are:
Halloween Witch | Gothic Skull | Harley Quinn | Weirdcore | Masquerade | Demon | Anime etc.

Tap Generate button, and your amazing photo will be ready within a few minutes

Here you can select either to save it on your device or share on other Social Media platforms
Note: Tap Generate caption button to create a perfect caption for your photo

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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