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How to use Generative Fill AI Tool on the App

Using Generative Fill

Make changes to your photo by replacing/converting/filling the desired parts with your ideas with Generative Fill Tool

Open Zoomerang app, tap Home in the bottom left corner

Press the Gen AI Studio section, then choose Generative Fill

Choose the desired photo and tap Done

Use the tools below to highlight the specific parts of the photo you wish to change:

Zoom in – choose the square icon, if you wish to zoom the photo
Segment – this option marks Body, Face, Background, Clothes, Hair, Sky for you and changes depending on the prompt (text you write)
Eraser – remove all the unwanted parts that were previously highlighted
Pencil – this will help you to manually highlight all the parts you want to be generated
Magic pencil – this will help you to autofill the place you pick
Square – choose between Area and Lasso to simplify highlighting of the area you wish to change

Tap Invert button in the top right corner to flip the highlighted part vice versa

Once the preferred part is selected, tap Replace

Here you will see a text writing bar where you need to write your preferred text/prompt and tap Generate to receive desired results
Note: The results solely depend on what you write, so be clear and precise as much as possible

Once the result is generated, choose the one you like, and tap Keep this

Tap Regenerate for additional results.

You can Save it or choose the area, tap Replace if there are any particular areas you wish to improve

Here you can select either to save it on your device or share on other Social Media platforms
Note: Tap Generate caption button to create a perfect caption for your photo

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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