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How to manage your notifications

Notifications in Zoomerang

You can enable Push notifications from inside the Zoomerang application, to always be up to date.
Note: You will need to enable the notifications from your device first

Press Profile in the bottom right corner

Tap ··· in the top right, then Settings

Click on Notifications

Select the notifications you would like to receive

Likes - you will be aware when you gain likes
New followers - you will be notified when someone starts following you/sends a follow request
Comments - you will receive notification when someone comments on your template
Mentions - you will get notified when someone replies to your comment or mentions you in a template
Friend's templates - you will be notified when your friend posts a new template
Note: you can click on the bell on the user's profile to get notified when they post a new template
Customer Support - if you contacted us via live chat, you will receive a notification once we reply

To check the already received notifications:

Press Profile in the bottom right

Press the little heart icon at the top to see all the notifications and follow requests

Press three lines icon to filter the ones you wish to see

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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