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How to participate in challenges

Challenges in Zoomerang

On Zoomerang, our users can participate in challenges by creating templates, win Zoomerang Prime, gain a lot of followers and likes.

Go to the Challenges section

Swipe to the left to see the most recent challenges and choose the one you like best
Note: Please take into consideration the time left for the challenge

Once the Challenge is chosen, please proceed with these steps:

Press Participate button below the template

Recreate the template in the challenge the best way you can, using the editing tools

After you finish, click Post, then choose if you wish to Post by camera or Post by Media files and tap Done

Now, use the #hashtag of the challenge, write a small description and press Post
Note: make sure you have chosen the option Everyone from Who can see your template to be able to participate

Based on the Challenges page and its changed rules, only those templates will be qualified which are exactly following the Challenge rules and were created with the same features.

In order to see the templates of other participants, please scroll down.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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