Recommend tutorials

Once you see an interesting video on TikTok and want to create it on your end (without any editing skills), you can simply ask us to create a tutorial for you.

The tutorials will guide you in the process of making videos with effects, music and etc.
Here are the steps to request a tutorial for your favorite video:

Copy the link of the video from your TikTok app (e.g.

After, go to your Zoomerang app and press on "Challenges" icon at the bottom of your screen

Press on the "+" button on the top to see the popup

Paste the link that you have copied earlier in the "link to the TikTok video" field and press on the "Send" button

Here is the popup:

Thank you for the recommendation, our appropriate department will check your request. Please, make sure your notifications are "on" to not miss a thing.
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