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How to add Hints & Pause

Adding Hints

If you wish to help other users to create a video from your template, you can add step by step hints. Those hints can include information on how to shoot.

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on +Template

Tap video track, then Hint in the editing panel section

When pressing on it, 3 options will be opened:

Hint text | Remove | Add

Now, you can add the hints (emojis/texts) on the part of the video that you want to

You can select the part where you want to add the hint from video track and save it

As you have applied the final touches, press on Next and make a template so that others can create videos using your hints.

Note: If you do not see the hint icon, please swipe the panel to the left
Note: You can add multiple hints in one template
Note: If you only add hints, the system won't save the video, you will need to include at least one element

Adding Pause

To make your template more comprehensible and easy to guide, you can add a pause.

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on +Template

You will now see the Pause option next to the Slowmo

Choose the appropriate place on your video track and tap the button Pause

As the panel is redirected to the next section, press Add pause and the sign of the pause will appear on the video track

When you have applied the final touches, press Post

Note: The pause will not show when you're editing, however, you will see it when you start shooting
Note: Make sure to add at least one item to the video in order to be able to proceed with the shoot
Note: Choose “Post by Camera” if you want to shoot, and “Post by Media Files” if you want to add videos/ photos from your device gallery

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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