Creating Sticker Videos

You can add Stickers to your videos, if you would like to make those more entertaining and astonishing.

Here is how to do that:

Go to the "Editor" section and select "Sticker video" in the middle on the top of your screen

Choose your desired video from your gallery and press "Next"

Now you will see the label for stickers above your video track. Choose a spot and press on "+"

Here are the tools that will help you draw the sticker on your video:

Pan | Magic pan | Eraser | Close up | Show | Undo | Redo
Note: the magic pan will automatically detect

Press on "Done" after finishing and you will be redirected to the main editing page

Use the following tools on the right side to work on your sticker further:

Stop after | Animation | Shadow | Speed | Mode | Border

On the left middle part you can choose filters for your sticker by swiping through the half circle

Tap on "Next" after you have finished adding stickers and choose between these options:

Finish - complete the editing and send your video to preparation
Customize - make some more adjustments to your edits

If you are creating a tutorial and want to add stickers, click on "Stickers" on the editing panel, then select "Cut" and start cutting out the parts of the video the same way as mentioned above.

Now you can either save it to your device, share to social media platforms or send it to your friends!

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