Reporting in Zoomerang

In Zoomerang if you come across an inappropriate account/comment please report them like this:

Open the content that is not appropriate and tap on the "..." for tutorials or press and hold in case of comments

Here, tap on "Report" and confirm your action by pressing on "Report" again

You will be given this small list of reasons of why you are reporting:

Nudity or sexual content
Violet or repulsive content
Harassments, bullying or hate speech
Spam or misleading
I just don't like it

Choose one of the options in the list and press on "Report"

After you are redirected, please write a small Description and tap on "Submit"

If you wish to report a tutorial, please open it, press the three dots and then the "Report" button.

We have a special team that reviews all the reported content in the app.
Here is a gif that will help you visualize the process:

Make sure to block the user if you feel that you are being treated inappropriately.
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