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How to withdraw the Coins

With the Withdraw feature you can receive money from gained Coins

Press Profile in the bottom right

Tap ... button then Settings

Click Withdraw, then Got it

Before that, please make sure your profile matches with these requirements:

You have more than 10k Coins

Your profile has more than 10k followers

Pass verification account:
Note: The verification is not the same as a Verified Profile (with blue tick)
Note: The verification is only done once

Set up a phone number
Add a valid email to which you have full access to
Add an ID which was issued by your Government
Upload a selfie where your face is shown clearly, and you have ID on your hand

Note: Your request will be sent to us, and we will contact you via email once you pass the verification
Note: The feature is still under development and may change after some updates

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Updated on: 10/11/2023

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