Adding text to the tutorial

If you wish to make your videos/tutorials more interactive, you can add text to them.

Here's how you can do that:

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on "Create Tutorial"

After proceeding with the steps you will notice an editing panel at the bottom of your screen with the options of which you can add items to your video, such as:

Text Stickers | Effect | Filter | Overlays | Music | Adjust | Format | Canvas

Press on the "Text" icon and you will see the following options:

Now, you can use letters, characters, as well as different emojis for filling in the textbox you created. There are also editing options you will see on the page:

You can click on the text and press the "Edit" button in the panel to make changes in the text

Font - the icon has the letter "T", is located above your keyboard
Textbox color - the icon is a colored circle, located next to the letter "T"
Alignments - the icon has four lines, located next to the "Cancel" button on the top left corner
Textbox Visibility - the icon has the letter "A" in a textbox, located next to the "Alignments" button
Size of the text in the textbox - scale line is on the middle left part of the screen

After you have made the appropriate edits, you can press "Done" to move to the next editing options

Here, on the editing panel, you will see these tools that will help work further with the textbox

Opacity | Transforms | Normal | Chromakey | Linear | Edit | Split | Duplicate | Remove

Once you proceed with the shooting, you will see a page before posting where you have the option edit the text again if needed

After the final editing touches, press "Next" and either save the video to your device, send it to your friends or share the tutorial

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