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How to add transitions

Adding transitions to the template

If you wish your video/template to be more dynamic and interesting, you can add transitions to it.

Here are the steps to add them:

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on "+Template"

Choose your desired video from your gallery and press Next

After, please press on the desired part on the video track where you wish to add the transition
Note: if you don't press select the part of the video the transition option will not be active

There are a number of options to add to your video at the bottom, please swipe to see the Split icon

You will see the following:

Transition types - here are the main types of transitions, feel free to choose the best one for you:

None | Simple | Split | Vortex | Extrude | Flash | Spin | Skew | Bounce | Doors | Flip | Circle Spin | The Spin | Tile Whirl | Tile Whirl | 3d Flip | Cube | Star | Pyramid | Distortion 1 | Distortion 2

Note: you will need to select one of them to be able to see the settings below

Direction - here you can select the most suitable direction that you wish your transition to be transferred
Note: the direction ways will be changed when you select the desired transition type

Easing - this option is made to choose the easing of the transition

Duration - in this part you can set the best duration that for you selected transition

After the latter options are set, press on "V" icon and then on "Next"

Now you can either save it to your device/send it to your friends or make a template (depends on what you have chosen earlier)

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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