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How to add transitions

Adding transitions to the template

If you wish your video/template to be more dynamic and interesting, you can add transitions to it.

Here are the steps to add them:

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on "+Template"

Choose your desired video from your gallery and press Next

After, please press on the desired part on the video track where you wish to add the transition
Note: if you don't press select the part of the video the transition option will not be active

There are a number of options to add to your video at the bottom, please swipe to see the Split icon

You will see the following:

Transition types - here are the main types of transitions, feel free to choose the best one for you:

None | Simple | Split | Vortex | Extrude | Flash | Spin | Skew | Bounce | Doors | Flip | Circle Spin | Tile Spin | Tile Whirl | Tile Whirl 2 | 3D Flip | Cube | Star | Pyramid | Distortion 1 | Distortion 2

Note: you will need to select one of them to be able to see the settings below

Direction - here you can select the most suitable direction that you wish your transition to be transferred
Note: the direction ways will be changed when you select the desired transition type

Easing - this option is made to choose the easing of the transition

Duration - in this part you can set the best duration that for you selected transition

After the latter options are set, press Post*

Now you can either tap Post by Camera or Post by Media Files

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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