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How to animate layers (keyframes)

Animating layers and adding keyframes

In order to make your videos more eye-catching, you can animate the items you have added to the video.

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on +Template

After proceeding with the steps, you will notice an editing panel at the bottom of your screen. You will see options with which you can add elements to your video, such as:

Slowmo | Pause | Text | Overlays | Shape | AI Image | Stickers | Effect | AI Effect | Filter | Adjust | Beauty | Music | Canvas | Format

After you have added those, you can easily Animate them

Choose the layer of the item from the vertical panel on the left (or tap on the label of the item above the video track) and you will notice a small icon below the video track
Note: If you cannot see the panel, press on the "Cube" button in the top right corner

Use the tool for adding points on the layer's track and move the item on the video correspondingly

Note: As you have applied the final touches, you can either save it to your device/or send it to your friends or make a template (depends on what you have chosen earlier)

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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