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How to add filters

Adding filters to your template

In case you wish to make your videos/templates more bright and unique, you can add various filters to them.

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on +Template

After proceeding with the steps you will notice an Editing Panel at the bottom of your screen with the options of which you can add items to your video, such as:

Slowmo | Pause | Text | Overlays | Shape | AI Image | Stickers | Effect | AI Effect | Filter | Adjust | Beauty | Music | Canvas | Format

Press on the icon Filter to be presented with the choices:
Recents | Aesthetic | Retro | Movies | Food | Nature | Life | Style | B&W

Search through them to find the one you like the most and tap on it

Press on the label of the effect above the video track to be able to move it, crop or make longer
You can find out more about this by checking the article How to duplicate an item and move

Here, you can also change the parameters of the effect from the panel (the options may vary based on the certain filter)

You are all set!

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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