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How to use the "Mask" feature

Mask feature

With Zoomerang's newest Mask feature you can create templates with various unique shapes.

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on +Template

After proceeding with the steps, click on the video track, and you will see an editing panel

The editing panel has the following options:

Required | Remove Pause | Hint | Split | Normal | Animation | Transform | Opacity | None | Mask | Reverse | Linear | Replace | Duplicate

Scroll to the right and click on the Mask icon

The shapes that you can choose from are:
Split | Filmstrip | Circle | Rectangle | Heart | Star

Choose the one you like the best and click the "V" sign
Note: If you want to remove the effect, choose the None option
Note: You can use the Invert button to switch the effect from the shaped part to the background of the video

You are all set!

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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