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How to use the updated Editor section

Great news!

With a bunch of UI/UX enhancements, we now have a new editor for you. In this article we will get acquainted with all the options in it.

The new sections are: Tools | Project(s) | Gallery | Sessions


Select the desired type of the video

Tutorial (Template) - you can create creative templates and share them on your Zoomerang profile which can be used by other users to create videos
Jump to the article on how to create and post templates/tutorials
Note: this is the previous tutorial option

Sticker - this option allows you to create sticker videos with just few steps
Jump to the article on how to create Sticker videos

Body Zoom - with this feature you can zoom your body or the face with the desired options and share on Social Media accounts

Effects - you can add a bunch of effects to your videos with this tool
Jump to the article on how to use Effects

Collage - with this one, you can create a collage of your favorite videos with your desired shapes and forms
Jump to the article on how to use Collage


These are the previous drafts! Now you can delete them in bulk, rename or duplicate

In the gallery you see the saved videos made with Zoomerang.
Note: these are shown in your device gallery as well, if you delete them from your device, they will be deleted from your Zoomerang Gallery too


In this part, you will see all the Sessions as well as the shot tutorials that you left unfinished

Use the See more button to see all the content in the Editor page.

In case of further questions, just ping us at or just go to your Settings and press Contact Support!

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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