Green Screen effect

If you want to make your videos/tutorials even more eye-catching, you can use the Green Screen effect.

Here is how to do that:

First, you need to have something green on you before shooting the video (clothes, a dye or simply a green board)

Choose a project or start a new one by pressing on "Create Tutorial"

After proceeding with the steps you will notice an Editing Panel at the bottom of your screen you will see options with which you can add elements to your video, such as:

Text Stickers | Effect | Filter | Overlays | Music | Adjust | Format | Canvas

Click on Stickers" and choose the "Giphy" option

Search through the options and choose the one that you like most

You can choose how long you want the effect to last by making the track of the gif longer/shorter
Note: check the article How to duplicate an item and move for more info about this

After, please change the order of layers from the panel on the right putting the gif below your video
Note: here is more info on How to work with overlays

Then, press on your video track and swipe the editing panel to the left

Find the icon "Normal", tap on it and choose the option "Green Screen"

You are all set!

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