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How to use the "Collage" feature

Creating Collage Videos

Zoomerang's new exciting feature is creating one-of-a-kind video collages in various forms & colors.

Go to the Projects section next to the Profile icon

Press Collage icon and choose up to 8 videos/photos from your phone gallery, then Next

You will see the following options in the panel:
Collage | Border | Aspect | Margin | Corner | Back

Collage - here you will find a bunch of shapes that you can choose from
Border - with this option, you can adjust the borders of the videos
Aspect - here you can adjust the video according to your preferred form
Margin - the margin option is for adjusting the borders of the collage
Corner - with this option, you can round the edges of the videos
Back - you can change the background of the collage to a variety of colors

You are all set!

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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